Monday, May 26, 2014

Home Stretch

The end is in sight.  Or we are on the precipice of chaos and dysfunction (otherwise known as summer break).  Depending on how you look at it.

Regardless Memorial Day 2014 is a wrap and that means the end of the school year is fast approaching.

And the end of the spring sports season.  Which is probably a good thing because I am tired. And the the list of things I have not been doing is growing and growing.

Things I have not been doing..

1.  Blogging.  In the good old days I was blogging three times a week.  These days I think a lot about blogging, but actually sitting down and writing something is pretty much a bust.

2.  Cleaning.  Our house is not a hovel by any means, but major cleaning and organizational projects have definitely been neglected.   And the half finished projects have piled up.  Like really piled up.  

3.  Planning our family summer vacation.  Well I started planning it.  I booked a place and everything.  And then forgot the name of the resort and could not find the confirmation email ANYWHERE!  Could not even remember what email address I had the resort send it to.  Just a name that I scribbled in the margins of my calendar.  It was like all information had just magically evaporated from my brain. Crazy???  Luckily I was finally able to backtrack with an old credit card statement to find the name of the place.  It's when things like this happen that I start to believe the experts when they say that multi-tasking isn't as efficient as we think it is.   So much wasted time trying to figure it out.

4.  Or eating as healthy as I should.  I am definitely better than where I was two years ago, but not even close to where I should be.  My head knows that making better food choices would make all the difference is seeing the results I want from exercising, but my hands just can't stop shoving junk in my mouth.  The struggle is real.

5.  Getting past level 350 on Candy Crush.  So close, but so far.  And so much time wasted as I wait for my children to finish practices every day.

It's not like I have been sitting around with my feet up, eating chocolate and watching netflix.  Wouldn't that be awesome though?

Things I have been doing...

1.  Trying to keep up with the high maintenance needs of my children. How did I end up with such high maintenance children?  Wait.  Don't answer that.  A couple of weeks ago TeenStar had her 8th grade dinner dance.  I swear I spent more time running her around to various appointments to get her prepped than I did before my wedding.  But the exhaustion and aggravation was worth it in the end.
I guess. 

2.  Driving.  And driving.  And more driving.  Between all the driving I need to do for work and the driving I need to do to get my children where they need to be I am tired.  So tired of driving.    And so tired of hearing Fancy over and over and over again on the radio.  Why do radio stations do that?  Why do they play the same song over and over again?  I really feel like someone needs to do something about that.  

3.  Watching endless games of softball and lacrosse.  End.  Less.  Good thing I like the company at the games.  Because as much as I love my Princess 7 and 8 year old softball is not as riveting as you might think.  It's just not.  And don't forget hockey.  Hockey runs all summer long.  All. summer. long.

4.  Writing checks.  Old school check writing.  Why?  Because that is what the school system wants to cover field trips and year books and whatever other end of the school year expenses there are.  Ten dollars here.  Fifteen dollars there. And even better is when one of them waits to ask for the money two minutes before we are walking out the door.  Love it.

5.  Trying to take better care of myself.  I have really been working hard on getting to bed earlier.  Because I know sleep makes me a better person.  But it is another reason why my blogging has taken a hit.  I have also continued to exercise even in the midst of all the chaos that the spring season brings.  It would be so easy to use the business as an excuse not to get up at 4:45 a couple of mornings a week, but I haven't.  I have also finally committed to allergy shots.  My seasonal allergies are so bad and have been so bad since I can remember.  They can make me miserable.  I didn't feel like I could ever make the commitment to get to the allergist for the weekly or twice weekly shots.  Truly felt like it could not happen.  But I am going to make it happen.  Because OMG walking around without feeling exhausted, without itchy eyes and nose, and without having to have a Kleenex attached to my hand would be beyond fabulous!

Long days, short years.  That is what they say.  Around here he days are very very long lately.  I am trying really hard not to wish it all away even when my exhaustion and aggravation are at an all time high because I know ten years (Holy Cow! Only ten years!) from now  I will miss this crazy lifestyle. Or at least that is what people keep on telling me.  Right now I miss watching TV.  And reading.  And cooking real meals.  And sitting in chairs that don't easily fold up to fit in the back of my minivan.  

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Student Mommy said...

Oh my friend, my friend. How did the baby grow so big??? She's all adult!! I hear you on the blogging. I had to post something just to make sure my account was still active.
Summer break is when you need an office to escape to. Glad you found your holiday destination. Sounds like you could really use it.