Wednesday, January 15, 2014

The Things I Could be Doing...

We have arrived at THAT time of the year.  You know THAT time.  The big holidays are over and the winter weather has set in (Well kind of, we are in the midst of some weird warm spell here in MA, but I have a feeling that will be coming to an end soon).  Everyone is hunkered down content to ride out the rest of winter as low key as possible as they wait for the warmer weather to hit.
Which is fine.  I don't mind a little hunkering down. 
The only problem with hunkering down is it can seem as if the days are just rolling into each other.  Like you are stuck on repeat, doing the same endless chores every day.   Every. Single. Day. With no end in sight.
Cue google search for a cheap island getaway.
As I sit here in my blogging spot (curled up in the corner of the couch) mentally reviewing the things that need to get done tomorrow I dare to fantasize about a month or even a week without the need to check certain chores off my list everyday. 
A week without the endless loads of laundry. 
Be still my heart.  You can't even imagine how much laundry a family of three athletes and two parents who work out on a regular basis generate. 

A week without dishes. 
I know I should feel grateful that we do have a dishwasher and believe me I do (I was the chief dishwasher in my family growing up, my parents did not break down and get an actual dishwasher until I left for college.  Suspicious, huh?).  But seriously I can't even with the unloading and loading of the dishwasher multiple times a day.  And my family is seemingly unaware that the dishwasher exists.  The only way I even stand a chance of getting my family to load a dirty dish into the dishwasher is to keep the door open and the lower level pulled out, which as you might imagine is a little inconvenient.

A week without sweeping or vacuuming. 
I just don't know where all the dirt comes from.  I really don't.

And a week without having to feed my very picky family.  And I actually don't mind cooking.  I just don't really like cooking for my family so much.  I remember one Friday night when SuperHubby and I were newlyweds and I spent over two hours preparing authentic homemade Chinese food.  It was delicious and I had fun.  And I never did it again.  Last night Princess ate a whole bag of microwave steamed beans for dinner because she wasn't interested in the other items on the menu.  So yeah, they are a joy to cook for.

As my mind wanders even further into fantasy land (I mean we are talking ridiculous fantasies) I started thinking about all the things I could do or accomplish if I wasn't having to forever cross laundry, dishes, floors, and cooking off my list. 
My top ten list of things I would do if I was chore-less 
"Dreamer, you know you are a dreamer"
1.  Blog more.  Well maybe.  Or maybe just spend the time I thought I would be blogging facebook stalking people, reading celebrity gossip sites, and watching YouTube videos.
2.  Read more.  Like real books, not just mindless articles that I click on from my phone. I am currently reading Wally Lamb's newest book and I love it, unfortunately my kindle is usually falling out of my hands at night after about 5 pages as I doze off. 
3.  Exercise more.  Well probably not.  But I would definitely think about exercising more.
4.  Actually finish a DIY project.  I currently sit in a room where two walls are painted one color and two walls are painted another color.  This is not a design choice.  This was a Sunday afternoon rolled around and the paint needed to be packed up because things needed to get done for the new week.  Maybe I will wrap the project up next weekend?
5.  Spend more time with girlfriends.  Of course they would also have to be granted the week of chore amnesty to have any time to spend with me...
6.  Perfect my kitchen pajama dancing to whatever my jam happens to be that week.  And this week I think it is Kesha's Timber.  Never underestimate the power of a cool kitchen pajama dance.
7.  I would watch TV.  Oh the TV I would watch.  So many shows that I haven't ever been able to watch.  I could watch entire seasons of a show in just days instead of spread over so many weeks and months that I start to lose interest and decide it is not worth the effort.
8. Become the Queen of Candy Crush.  Because why not?
9.  Actually communicate with my husband beyond the necessities like who is taking Golden Boy to practice and could he please throw the towels in the dryer.  Unfortunately almost every conversation in our house reverts back to  laundry talk.
10.  Relax and laugh with my children more.  I spend plenty of time with my children and I even agree to stop everything to play games, listen to stories, or watch a new routine, but truth be told even when I am "stopped" to be with my children I am also thinking ahead to what I have to do next when I can get back to checking things off my list.  It would be awesome to be fully relaxed and in the moment.
GAWD! Can you imagine all that time with just a week of chore amnesty. 

I can't even.
Tomorrow it is back to the grind.  Laundry, dishes, floor, cook, repeat.
What would you do with all your time if it wasn't spent on chores?
A picture from our trip on the Polar Express.  It was so much fun.  It's so weird, but I hardly took any pictures this Christmas.  Must have been way too busy!


Student Mommy said...

OMH! I have the EXACT same problem with the dishwasher and family. Even with the flipping door open the dishes still don't get in there. It's the kitchen version of the clothes hamper in the bathroom!
I would love a week off - I'd have to have my family with me though, coz I'm lost without them, but to have the no-chores-for-a-week thing would REALLY work well.
Blessings for the new year.

Julia Hunter said...

Oh to have a week off from chores would be wonderful, even a day would be nice. I started reading this post and when you said laundry I got up and did some because I again forgot to flip the wash, then in the laundry room I realized that I never finished cleaning it. It is never ending.