Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Lack of Focus

I feel like I am all over the place lately.  I have a ton of ideas, but lack of focus and motivation to put coherent sentences and paragraphs together.
Some of that "lack of focus" may be due to this

Each child has their own color.  TeenStar is blue, Princess is pink, and Golden Boy is a green.  I put my schedule in pencil because it often changes and I don't bother to track SuperHubby's, that would be too much.  I carry all my colored pens with me all the time in a pencil pouch.  Because I am a nerd.  A for real nerd.  I spend the hours between 7am and 9pm bouncing (driving) from one commitment to the next.  It is insane.  Except for Wednesday.  We have no evening activities on Wednesday.  Wednesdays are good.
Princess is obsessed with YouTube and Netflix.  Actually all my children are obsessed with YouTube and Netflix, they hardly ever watch "regular" TV (with the exception of the 20 minutes or so of TV that Princess watches with me before she falls asleep at night).  If you ask Princess what she wants to be when she grows up she will tell you a celebrity.  And by celebrity she means a YouTube celebrity.  She has started working on her craft.

TeenStar is forever complaining about her peers and the adults in her life.  She has absolutely no tolerance for people who can't keep up with her.  Or so she says.  I think she is really just all talk.  

On Sunday TeenStar had a basketball game.  We were standing in the corner of the gym waiting for a game to finish up so her team could play.  She was standing with two of her best friends and teammates.  There was also another teammate standing there, a little apart from the three besties (I use the word besties just because I know it would make TeenStar crazy if I said it about  her friends.  Totally passive aggressive on my part since she doesn't read my blog.).  TeenStar has complained about this girl relentlessly since the start of the season.  The girl is from a different town and a little quirky.  I preach tolerance and TeenStar whines that I have no idea what I am talking about, if I only knew what she has to put up with on a daily basis.  Sooooo dramatic.  And so what we do every day.  At this point it is almost a schitck.  


The girls realized that they had all worn their jerseys on the wrong side (I would love to kiss the person who invented reversible game jerseys.  Home on one side and away on the other.  I love not having to keep up with two jerseys and never having to worry about not being prepared) and needed to go to the bathroom and change.  The three girls started walking to the bathroom giggling and talking quietly to each other.  As they approached the door the other two girls walked out and my TeenStar turned around.  My intolerant, impatient, always judging TeenStar turned and walked back to the quirky girl who had been left standing on her own and asked what jersey she had on.  The girl responded and TeenStar informed her that she had on the wrong side and asked if she wanted to come with them to switch their shirts. The girl smiled and the two walked off to follow the other two to the bathroom.  I know it is a just one teeny tiny little incident in her day and probably seems so inconsequential, but it reassured me that my girl is really just all talk.  Kindness is what she does.

Princess watches all my soccer games with the exception of the 9pm ones.  I actually think she likes watching now and spends most of her time actually watching what is happening on the field instead of wandering the indoor facility or playing games on her ipod.  We usually spend the ride home talking about the game with Princess giving me lots of pointers and post game analysis.    On Monday I got a very solid kicked ball to the face/upper chest area.  It was wicked hard.  And I can only imagine that my head flew back at an alarming rate as the ball bounced off of it.  But I kept on playing because that is what we do at my house.  Eventually one of my teammates called me off the field to get a break (which I was grateful for because I probably wouldn't have gone out on my own).  As she was watching my game Princess had a conversation with another  mom soccer player who was waiting for her game to start.  The soccer player asked Princess if her mom was playing and Princess pointed me out.  The soccer player asked if she seen me get hit by the ball.  Princesss said she had.  The woman then declared me to be "one tough mommy".  And Princess agreed.  I love that Princess agrees that I am "one tough mommy".  Makes this girl mom happy.

We celebrated Golden Boy's birthday yesterday.  He is 12.  Sob.  How can that be?  He is such a good boy.  A good boy who is slowly outgrowing his boyishness.  The past six months have seen his shoulders broaden, his face thin out, and some "hardcore" flirting happening with his dream girl (Hardcore is TeenStar's word who has been around after school to witness some of the "hardcore" flirting much to her irritation.).  As sad as I am to see him lose his boyishness (and believe me I am so so so sad that my little boy is growing up) I am thrilled at the little hints I get so see at the man he will be.  
And in case you were wondering January birthdays stink.  No one ever has any idea what to get for him because he just got everything a few weeks ago for Christmas.  He usually ends up with a lot of gift cards and cash.  He had no idea what he wanted us to give him for his birthday.  I am definitely pro birthday present and really like them to be special.  I think birthday presents from your parents should be memorable.  He did have one thing he wanted, an iPhone, but that was a big no.  He is not in anyway ready for an iPhone.  So instead he told us all he needed was our love.  Hmph.  Totally sounds like some kind of scam to me, but it was sweet.  We ended up getting him tickets to the Championship game in the Beanpot Tournament ( a big deal tournament for college hockey teams in New England) and some Boston University hockey gear to wear at he tournament.  I think he was pleased. 

Maybe this will be the week that I finally find my focus.  You know that focus that I have been looking for for the past year.  Or maybe I will just learn better strategies to deal with my lack of focus... Or maybe I an assistant will show up and magically take some of my "to do's" off of my to do list...Or maybe...nevermind.
What is going on with you?  Are you focused in 2014?


Julia Hunter said...

I always have trouble being focused, I think I'm getting a little bit better at it but it is definitely hard for me.

AnnMarie said...

Once again, I am reminded that we are the same person in different parts of this country. I JUST wrote a post about losing my focus. Gia is a January birthday (this Saturday)and it does suck. I love when my kids surprise me by showing that they actually do get it. I've missed you!

Student Mommy said...

I'm a Jan birthday too (5th). I just wanted a dinner with Hubby, but he insisted on a present because the Bunny needs to see mommy open something. Makes sense. My kids also have their own colours on the calendar!

JDaniel4's Mom said...

I have had trouble being focused this year too. There are just too many balls in the air at my house.