Thursday, October 11, 2012

The School Picture Gods are Mocking Me

A couple of weeks ago I was complaining about school pictures
Despite all my complaining I still caved in and wrote three checks for school pictures for all three of my children.
Princess got hers back this week.
I will admit that I did have a feeling that Princess's pictures weren't going to be magazine worthy when Princess came home from school that day telling me all about how while she was waiting to get her picture taken she got to watch the old, old, old man (she swears he must be 85, I am guessing he is about 55) who takes care of their school FOLD UP the lunch tables.  Yup you heard right he was FOLDING UP the lunch tables.  Not only was he folding up the lunch tables this old, old,old man was doing it ALL BY HIMSELF.   Princess was amazed by what she had seen.  My thought was, "Crap that means her pictures were taken late in the day". 
Trust me I have seen Princess at the end of the school day.
Now I am at Princess's school a couple of afternoons a week and realize that some children do leave the school looking just as spiffy as when they walked in.  My child is not one of those children.  Princess plays hard, works hard, and at  the end of the school day resembles one of the Hard Knock Life Orphans. 
It's true. 
Needless to say I didn't have a lot of hope that her pictures were going to be stellar.

And no doubt this picture is special.  Special as in I will be digging it out and giving it a special place of distinction at her high school graduation party.  Yup, I am that mom.
Just so we are clear.  I sent her to school looking presentable.  I even have proof.

And you know that there are 17 children who will spend all school year whipping out that class picture and taking the opportunity to name every child in their class to anyone who will listen (typically parents, grandparents, favorite aunties, and your BF who has no choice but to listen because you would do the same for her kid).  And you know every adult will have the same reaction as the grubby little 6 year old finger lands on Princess's picture.  They will raise their eyebrows and  suck in a little breath and their mouth may even twist into a little grimace as they think  "Oooooo!  That is too bad!"
Obviously I have angered the school picture gods and they are mocking me.


Student Mommy said...

I rather like picture 2! She looks happy!

Jennifer said...

Is it wrong that I kind of love it?

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Can't help but giggle! I've seen many pics like these. I finally learned to just not order them. They're NEVER great, rarely even decent.

Sarahviz said...

That picture is just SO HER!

The Preppy Girl in Pink said...

That is the best school picture EVER!!! I love it!! I can totally picture your face too when you saw this. It is making me laugh so hard! I'm sorry...

AnnMarie said...

First let me say that one of the reasons that I am literally laughing so hard I am coughing is because of your post that accompanies her picture. This is so hysterical that I think I would be so excited to have this picture. She looks just so satisfied with herself. :) HeHe...still laughing.